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Personal Branding

You have a story to tell and your audience is  dying to hear it. But how will they hear YOUR story over all of the noise on the internet?  I have found a way to help.

The economy is seeing an increase in narratives. From the success of self-published books on Amazon to the myriad of music on Spotify, the most successful companies are using story-based media. Social media has levelled the competitive playing field, giving the smallest of entrepreneur on the most modest budget a chance to place their product or service squarely in front the right customers. Successful influencers know this. This is where we come in.

It's about you showing up in real time and giving  people a chance to know you better and identity with you.  People are craving more humanness, and people follow social media accounts that have real humans  behind them.

"All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust.”   â€“ Bob Burg, author, Endless Referrals

What's Your Time Worth? 

The key to leveraging social media is posting Every Day. With Facebook's new algorithm if you are not posting daily your most avid followers may never see your posts. 

Content is king but you are focused on your business. Do you have the time every day to decide what your audience wants to see from you,  plan, prop, shoot, edit, and post? EVERY DAY!  If that takes 30 minutes daily, it adds up to 45 hours every quarter spent taking a cell phone selfie. We have a better way. 

We can streamline the process and create 90 days worth of images in just a few hours, giving you back an entire week of work time. And not only do you get the time back, you get high-quality professional images that connect with  potential clients in a much deeper way.

We will lead you through our exclusive WorkStyle Story System to flesh themes. Strong personal brands have 3 to 7 main themes, which repeat over and over again. Each theme is capable of generating multiple stories. We convert these stories into images, which  you can post every day to engage your audience 

Creating an engaging  personal brand is one of the most powerful ways to grow your audience, get more clients and stand out in a crowded market.

“You attract the right things when you show people who you are.”   -Amy Poehler

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Still Here?

Great! Let get to work. Your audience is waiting. 

We start by meeting in person, over the phone or through Zoom and go through the WorkStyle Story System. We walk you through every step and we will take away what we need to tell your story in photos, which you can post over the next 90 days. 

We create and share with you a Mood Board, which is a visual roadmap of what we are going to shoot. Then we shoot. A few days later, voila, you receive 60 professionally shot and edited images ready to post over the next 90 days. It couldn't be simpler for you. 

What is this going to cost? 

Absolutely nothing if you are not satisfied. If it doesn't work then you will still have 60 images you can post freely, or we can shoot it again. Your call. But it will work. It always has. Stories are the most powerful forms of communication on this planet regardless of culture. 

We start at $499 per story for 60 images formatted  for all social media. Plus we also have one of the best videographer in the business. A one-minute video speaks louder to your audience than your ever could. 

"The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure."     -Joseph Campbell

Next Steps

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